Q: Where do you ship?

A: The US, UK, and Canada.

Q: Can I replay the game? Don't I have to write on the documents?

A: Our game isn't really replayable, as once you've seen the story and solved the puzzles, you'll probably be ready for a break. However, the game IS resettable if you purchase a refill pack, which features copies of all the documents you'll write on/ruin over the course of the game, along with instructions for the reset. Then you can pass it along to a friend!

Q: Do I need to know about Mary Shelley or read Frankenstein to enjoy your game?

A: Well, first off, everyone should read Frankenstein. It's great. But no, you do not need any preexisting knowledge about Mary Shelley in order to enjoy our game. However, we actually printed our own custom edition of Frankenstein with original puzzles by Rita Orlov of PostCurious. If you purchase the MoF Plus: A Puzzling Colllaboration package, you'll receive both.

Q: Do I have to be an experienced gamer to play your game?

A: Emphatically no. We've gone out of our way to make sure this game isn't just for expert puzzlers. It's been designed so that you can simply enjoy the story...and maybe build a jigsaw puzzle or two, while using our granular hint system to skip over any puzzles that aren't to your liking. Put more simply, this is a game for lovers of well-told tales as much as it's a game for puzzle hounds. That said, do you have to be willing to accept a hint. :)

Q: Can kids play?

A: Yes. We're saying it's good for ages 13 and up, but there's really nothing especially "problematic" for any age group, unless you yourself happen to hail from the early 19th Century. Mary was a bit ahead of her time, and her exploits definitely led to some pearl-clutching back in the day, but by modern standards, we're in "Parental Guidance" territory.

Q: Is this educational?

A: It is! You'll learn about Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, and other fascinating 19th century personages! And you might learn something from the puzzles, too; one of them teaches you how to read rhythm in music! And all of this will just happen, insidiously, while you believe you are just having a good time.

Q: What else have you guys done? Is this game really that good?

A: Yes it is. So good. But to answer your other question, Hatch Escapes has already created one large-scale escape room, Lab Rat, which was ranked the 8th best game in the world the year it came out (Google "TERPECA" for more info). Terry has started and run several successful businesses. Tommy has published five YA novels with Simon & Schuster, including We All Looked Up, which spent 25 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

Q: Will your game released in any other languages?

A: Nope. It's super language based, and we don't have the skills to translate.