"This looks glorious. (I wish Gene Wolfe were alive -I'd send one to him.)" Neil Gaiman Mother of Frankenstein is pretty much the definition of out-of-the-box thinking. Publishers Weekly A perfect puzzle experience. Forbes Truly impressive works of puzzle craft...the writing was fantastic. Room Escape Artist A unique, titillating and spooky tabletop experience. "To be commended for its excellent immersive experience. This might be the best developed story we’ve ever seen in a game! Escape Room Addict A narratively and physically beautiful game. Juliana Moreno Patel and Ariel Rubin Wild Optimists If you’re expecting the same kind of quality, ingenuity and appreciation for narrative-based puzzles you found in the brilliant Lab Rat escape room, well… they’ve done it again with Mother of Frankenstein." Craig Mazin Emmy Award-Winning Writer of Chernobyl The production is absolutely phenomenal...we were all blown away! Kara Clark meeplestation_wifeside Relentlessly clever. Quintessentially Hatch. Haley E. R. Cooper Strange Bird Immersive Clever…. Bound to be a challenging and compelling series Rita Orlov Post Curious A rich storytelling experience Summer Herrick Creator of Locurio One of a kind. Unlike anything I’ve ever played before. Stephanie Cera Minimum Player Count A masterpiece of a puzzle game. TechRaptor Part escape room, part board game, part puzzle, and part immersive theater. Daily Dead Feels as if you’re actually part of Mary Shelley’s journey. Nerd Reactor It melted my brain. Lee Majdoub Enough content to enjoy spaced out over several evenings (or as the opening letter suggests, like a tall glass of wine instead of a tequila shot). The Game Table Combines the narrative complexity of a good novel, the physicality and interactivity of immersive theater, the brain-bending challenge of a puzzle-filled escape room, and the accessibility and broad appeal of the best board games. Board Game Today An immersive theatre experience you can have at home. Playbill Very intense and immersive. Bleeding Cool Gives you the feeling of an escape room from the comfort of your own couch. Gameosity If you’re cool you’ll head over to the...awesome journey that is this game. @melinterrupted